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Sixth Bus

A film about a young American trying to find a man from her past never to be found, during a biggest conflict on European soil since WWII-battle of Vukovar. It is about a search for identity; simmering beneath this need is a quest for faith,connection and redemption. The "Sixth Bus" is a search for truth in a place where truth is selective, elusive and even feared. Ultimately the "Sixth Bus" is a film about awakening and freedom.

  • Drama, War
  • Director - Eduard Galić
  • Screenplay - Dominik Galić
  • Cast - Marko Petrić,Zala Djurić, Toni Gajanović, Maša Đorđević, Matija Prskalo
  • Producers - Dominik Galić, Robert Piršl, Bojan Kanjera
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For Good Old Times

Two childhood friends face adulthood in different ways. Life is still a game for them – girls, football, parties. But the choices they make will determine the course of their lives and put their friendship to the test. In the Balkans, every generation has their own reasons to leave. This is a story about a generation caught in the transition from socialism to capitalism, marked by a brutal war.

  • Drama, Comedy
  • Director - Eduard Galić
  • Screenplay - Dominik Galić
  • Cast - Karlo Mrkša, Marko Petrić, Vini Jurčić, Elizabeta Brodić
  • Producers - Dominik Galić

Heroji Vukovara: Groblje tenkova

The 10-part documentary series "Heroji Vukovar" describes the battle of Vukovar through the stories of fighters from the front line of the city's defense. We see how the defense of one of the main parts of Vukovar, the Borova settlement, where the famous Trpinjska road is located, was organized.

  • Documentary, History, War
  • Director - Eduard Galić

Deep Fried

After her only grandchild leaves for the US, Ljubica feels abandoned and anxious in her small apartment. One day, a giant snake slithers out of her toilet and starts creeping into her everyday life.

  • Short, Fiction
  • Director - Ivan Mokrović
  • Screenplay - Ivan Mokrović, Gordana Džepina
  • Cast - Slavica Jukić, Gordana Džepina
  • Producer - Dominik Galić

Hrvatski premijeri osobno

The 8 episode series shows a personal and piitical portraits of 9 presidents of the Croatian govoernment, prime ministers. It is unquestionable that the political careers of Croatian prime ministers remained in his shadow until the death of the first Croatian president, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, but they still left a deep mark on politics. We are talking about nine people who marked Croatian politics and society in the past three and more decades...

  • Documentary series

Trieste, Yugoslavia

In the mid-fifties, Piazza Ponterosso in the center of Trieste became a myth and the favorite shopping destination of every citizen of Yugoslavia. During the seventies and eighties, the item that symbolized this myth was blue jeans. In those years, millions of Slavs traveled to Trieste once or twice a year, however, the war in the Balkans interrupted everything. This film presents a mosaic of stories and testimonies from both sides of the border, trying to remember those glorious times.

  • Documentary - co-procudtion
  • Director - Alessio Bozzer
  • Screenplay - Wendy D’Ercole
  • Editing - Žarko Šuc
  • Producer - Alessio Bozzer
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Naše vatrene godine

The story of the unforgettable days of Croatian football, the first ten years of the national team. Along with Večernji list, it achieved total sales of more than 40,000 copies, which made it the best-selling Croatian film on DVD at the time.

  • Documentary 
  • Director - Eduard Galić
  • Screenplay - Dominik Galić
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